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Auto Fat Grafting Auto Fat Grafting

Auto Fat Grafting

The pollutants present in our environment have a severe effect on our skin. We often end up losing the grace and charm from our faces. Also, in the rush of achieving a lot in life, we are continuously in stress which puts permanent creases on our face. Sometimes post-surgery defects, release of scars contractures, radiodermatitis, and cosmetic surgery can also develop the wrinkles on the face.
To help you get out of this situation you can go for an auto fat grafting treatment. This is an operation of correcting face lines by extracting the fat from other body parts and grafting on the wrinkled or dented area. This gives the face a wrinkle-free, healthier-looking skin with better face contouring.

Benefits of Auto Fat Grafting

• Auto Fat Grafting makes your face brighter and younger with no fine lines or wrinkles on the face.
• Auto Fat Grafting has a long-lasting semi-permanent effect.
• It provides a way of natural correction on any desired body part.
• The procedure is safe and has a very quick recovery time period.
• Fat grafting is very safe to use as this doesn’t harm your skin in any way. It can be performed easily and the donor tissues are easily available.
• Fat grafting shows regenerative potential because of the presence of adipose stem cells.
• The uppermost layer looks wrinkle-free and smooth. It makes you look refreshed, radiant, and youthful in no time at all.
• This treatment prevents any further appearances of wrinkles giving a boost of confidence to the client.
• It doesn’t have any bad reactions and the procedure causes very minimal discomfort.

Auto Fat Grafting

How is Auto Fat Grafting carried out by Micro Fat Grafting

Micro fat grafting is used for face contouring and reducing the visibility of facial wrinkles. This method is a valuable alternative to more complex surgeries required for reducing wrinkle marks on the face.
The time consumption for this method depends on the surface area that has to be treated. The tissues are lifted from other body parts like belly, thighs, etc by liposuction, turned into liquid and then replaced with the tissue present in the affected area. This recreates the tissue which would have regenerated cells with reduced or negligible wrinkles.
This method leaves the skin in the rejuvenated state for at least a few years and can be repeated if the client feels the need.

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Cost of Auto Fat Grafting

The cost of auto fat grafting depends on the area of treatment, type of skin, age of the patient, etc. The experience of the doctor and amenities provided by the skincare center also affect the cost.
However, you get the best quality treatment with world-class instruments by Dr. B K Garg at the most affordable price. The support from the team and facilities at the center are excellent and justify the cost.
You can just visit our doctor and get yourself updated with the complete analysis of the treatment.


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best plastic surgeon in gurgaon


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best plastic surgeon in gurgaon best plastic surgeon in gurgaon