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Chin Reshaping Chin Reshaping

Chin Reshaping ( Genioplasty) Treatment

Chin reshaping is a procedure that improves or enhances the shape of your chin. It is also known as Genioplasty. It is usually performed with other jaw surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery i.e. it is primarily done to make you look good and not because of some medical ailment or condition. We all want the chin to be well-shaped and defined. It is an essential ingredient of a well-balanced face. To achieve this, chin reshaping surgery is done. Chin implants are used to reshape a poorly defined chin or if the chin is too dominant as compared to the rest of the facial features then chin reduction is done.

Chin reshaping Before After

Chin Reshaping
Chin Reshaping

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Procedure of Chin Reshaping

Many types of genioplasty can be done on a person. So the doctor will first discuss with you what type of genioplasty he will perform. The doctor will also take photographs and detailed x-rays from several angles.

  • Step 1:This will help him determine what correction is needed and the extent of it. If the correction is too complex or involves the use of implants, the doctor may require the CT scans. Like any surgery, this surgery, too, involves cutting, stitching, and anesthesia.
  • Step 2:Initially, the doctor gives you general anesthesia. After the anesthesia, an incision is made inside of your mouth or under your chin. The doctor may remove bone or make use of implants depending on the level of correction needed.
  • Step 3: This way the desired results are obtained. After the surgical work is done, the incisions are closed with sutures.
Chin Reshaping

Who is the ideal candidate?

People opting for genioplasty generally have specific requirements as to how their chin should be after the procedure. Most people get this surgery done for aesthetic benefits. In any case, the patients should be realistic as far as the outcome of the procedure is concerned. You are a candidate for chin reshaping surgery if:

  • Your chin is not in proportion with your other facial features.
  • If you have undergone nose surgery
  • If you have any medical condition or reason like a birth defect, mark, etc.
  • If you have a healthy weight
  • If you have good overall health
  • You should be 20 years of age or above

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Results to be expected

Chin Reshaping surgery is not a complicated procedure. It is performed on a day case basis. Patients, in general, can go home the same day as the operation. However, some cases may require them to spend a night at the hospital. The recovery time is around 1 to 2 weeks. The patient can resume his daily routine after 2 weeks. As this is a straightforward surgery, the results are effective with a high success ratio. People who get this surgery done are mostly satisfied.

Possible side effects

Since this procedure involves surgery there can be many complications a patient can have as is the case with any surgical procedure. The risk of complications includes:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Pain around the treated area
  • Bruising
  • Nerve Damage
  • Implant rejection
  • Allergy due to the implant
  • Numbness of mouth or lips
  • Redness at the treated area

Cost of procedure

Almost all surgeries are expensive as they require incisions, anesthesia, etc. Chin reshaping, being a surgical process, is expensive too. The cost of this type of surgery depends mainly on the level and extent of correction required. But you need not worry much as our clinic promises to give you quality-premium services at comparatively lesser prices. We believe in making cosmetic surgeries affordable to all


“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course oflaser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

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