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Dermaroller Dermaroller

Dermaroller ( Micro-needling) treatment for Skin

Derma Roller or micro-needling is a treatment used to rejuvenate the skin, for scar and acne. This treatment is also used for reducing signs of aging skin and to get firmer, smoother and toned skin. Many of us are tired of the scars and acne caused due to an unhealthy environment and food.
Many people are suffering because of unhealthy dead looking skin and large pores, struggling to get clear, toned, smooth and healthy skin. Micro-needling helps in increasing the blood flow with help in curing scars and acne. Dermaroller procedure is considered a one-stop solution in all such cases these days. The treatment is non-invasive, efficient and very easy to get done.

Using Derma Roller

This procedure works by creating microscopic wounds that induce collagen and elastin production by the body. Dermaroller comes in various sizes, depends on the needle, like 0.25mm,0.50mm and 0.75 mm.
It depends on the analysis of your skin issue, cause, and treatment needed to be done carefully by Dr. B K Garg. Acne, scar, and aging skin are sometimes caused due to improper flow of blood. He will decide how much flow of blood your body or the certain suffering area requires.
When we roll the derma roller it creates some pores on the skin. This helps to increase blood flow. The doctor will prescribe which ointment to use along with the derma roller. Following is the simple procedure of using the derma roller.
• The doctor will simply inject thousands of microneedles on the affected skin surface in a particular direction for few seconds.
• Once pores are created and the blood flow in that particular area will increase. It will increase elastin in that area.
• Once the pores are created you should apply the ointment provided by doctor.


Who is a right candidate for using a derma roller?

Acne, scar, unhealthy, aging skin are the major skin problems of the decade. People are losing confidence due to these thinking they might not look attractive and presentable to society. This causes mental stress for many. But with the use of derma roller one can overcome such an issue. Following are the people who can use derma roller:
● People facing issue acne because of oily/ unhealthy skin.
● People having scars because of injuries or previous surgeries.
● People having wrinkle issues.

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Cost of Derma Roller Treatment

The cost depends on a few factors like the condition of the skin, affected surface area, how often you’ve to get the treatment done. This procedure is considered to be one of the most feasible ones in the market right now. Dr. B K Garg takes care of your budget and needs altogether. It is painless, efficient and effective.

Results to be expected after a Derma Roller Treatment

This procedure makes your skin healthy, brighter, toned, smoother naturally. It doesn’t even need any medications. You will start feeling the blissful change in the skin in a few sessions.

Side effects of Derma Roller Treatment

There are no side effects whatsoever on most people. Though there are chances that it might cause some bleeding or other infection in people with sensitive skin. However, with appropriate measures and precautions and under the guidance of experts, it is a completely safe procedure. Therefore, it is advised that you visit an expert like Dr. BK Garg so that you never have to worry about the side effects.


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