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Hymeonoplasty Hymeonoplasty

Hymenoplasty ( Hymen Repair) Surgery Treatment - Revirgination

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that re-establishes the integrity of a torn hymen. It is often understood as hymen repair, reconstruction, and restoration surgery. It is also popularly called as Revirgination. The hymen that blocks the vaginal entrance gets torn due to varied reasons. It can be because of sexual intercourse or due to heavy physical activities like sports. Many people want to restore the hymen to have a more youthful feeling. However, some others opt for the surgery due to social pressure to prove their virginity. Hymenoplasty has become a common procedure in recent years.

The procedure

The hymenoplasty is done in three different ways. These methods are basic, Alloplant, and reconstruction. Which method should be used depends on the condition and extent of damage to the hymen. Your surgeon will discuss and explain the procedure according to your specific condition.
The basic technique is suitable when there are leftovers that can be stitched together to restore the hymen. The procedure is often done on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia. General anesthesia may be given if needed. The procedure takes around forty minutes and the stitches are generally dissolvable.
The Alloplant technique is most suitable when the membrane cannot be stitched back. In such cases, your surgeon will insert a biomaterial. This material inserted into the vagina serves as the hymen. This procedure is done mostly on local anesthesia and takes a couple of hours to complete.
The final method is the hymen reconstruction. In this procedure, your surgeon will construct a new hymen. For this, the tissues from the lip of the vagina are used. If you are choosing this procedure, you have to avoid sexual intercourse for at least three months.


Who is the right candidate?

Oftentimes the hymenoplasty procedure is opted due to religious and cultural reasons. Women who had sexual intercourse before marriage or girls who lost their hymen due to other reasons are the most common candidates. It is extremely important to have a thorough gynecological examination before establishing the decision. Common essential characteristics for going for hymenoplasty are the following.
• Having Ruptured hymen due to some reason
• Age should be 18 or above
• You should have good general health and no serious illness that can cause complications.

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Procedure cost

The cost of the procedure is comprehensively evaluated by considering many factors. The clinical/hospital facilities, surgeon expertise, location of the hospital are obvious determinants. The cost varies considerably according to the condition and severity of the problem. It is possible to repair the hymen or reconstruction would be required to make a huge difference. Visit Dr. Garg for the most reasonably priced treatment with an assurance of high-quality services.

Results to be expected

The results of the hymenoplasty are immediate and are usually witnessed for a longer period. Your hymen will be restored until the next sexual intercourse. You can assure this sustainability of the results by taking proper care i.e. by maintaining hygiene and not straining much.

Possible side effects

The procedure is safe and does not bring about any major side-effects. You can feel some minor side-effects though. These include swelling, pain, bruising, and numbness after the surgery. There can be bleeding in some cases and you may see discoloration of the hymen. All these side-effects are minor and temporary. If the procedure is performed carefully, these may not trouble you much.


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