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Scar Revision Scar Revision

Scar Revision Treatment

A scar may develop after a wound on the skin or as an aftereffect of a surgery. To us, our appearance plays a vital role in the confidence to face the day to day world. Having scars on faces or other body parts might inhibit your charm. And in this case, scar revision helps you to get the scars out of your way to glory.
Scar tissues appear as the skin heals and forms collagen fibers to mend the damage. This new tissue formed has a different texture and pigmentation from the surrounding area. In scar revision, we get the scar out of the skin and replace it with healthy skin with the same texture matching its surroundings.

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Scar Revision
Scar Revision

“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course of laser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

Benefits of Scar Revision

• The old scars, as well as brand new scars, can be less noticeable and more acceptable easily.
• You can get your clear skin back.
• The administered procedures are effective, efficient, safe and relatively painless.
• This procedure brightens the skin and makes the overall look more radiant and youthful.
• It can treat all kinds of scars ranging from small wounds, injuries, bad healing, and big surgeries marks.

Scar Revision

How it is done

Scar revision surgery can be performed while you’re awake (under local anesthesia), in sleeping (sedated mode), or deep asleep and pain-free (general anesthesia). This completely depends on the extent of the surgery. There are few methods listed below performed by Dr. B K Garg and his team of experts under great care.
• Scar Modulation Therapy
Topical silicone gel is used on the scars. This gel is invisible, self-drying, spreadable and on regular administration of this gel, the scars show noticeable rectification. This gel dries up in 4-5 minutes and works for 24 hours. This helps in the improvement of pigmentation, the texture of the scarred skin.
In one more technique, some essential protein is used to heal the wound properly so the wounded area is left with minimal or no scars at all. This method repairs the cell membrane directly.

• Advanced Cosmetic Surgery
This method includes the closure flap surgery which is used to make the scar look so obvious and reduces its appearance. In this technique, a healthy part of the tissue is lifted from a selected donor site in the body and is replaced with the scarred are called a recipient area. In this way, the alive blood vessels present in the donor site heals the are which leaves it scar less.

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Cost of Scar Revision

The cost of scar revision depends on the skin condition, the skin type of the patient, the age of the patient, the depth and the age of the scar, and the pigmentation of the skin. It can only be made certain of, after the first visit to the doctor and a complete analysis of the treatment to be done.
The cost also depends on where you choose to go to get it done and the number of areas treated. Dr. B K Garg provides his expert services at most affordable prices that the patient can afford easily along with satisfactory results. The cost is comparatively lower when compared to other clinics that have world-class equipment and experienced professionals like ours to administer the process.


“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course oflaser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

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