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Tattoo Removal in Gurgaon Tattoo Removal in Gurgaon

Tattoo Removal Treatment in Gurgaon

A few steps taken in the spur of the moment like getting a tattoo might make you regret getting it. Sometimes it becomes an obstacle in your career or life in general. Sometimes the person gets a tattoo that doesn’t suit his body system. Sometimes a tattoo might as well develop a skin infection or create an allergic reaction from skin or blood in the future.
In all these situations, the person needs to get rid of that tattoo immediately. The science behind permanent tattoos is that we human beings shed the topmost layer of our skin regularly, so this layer can’t sustain any ink stains. In order to get the tattoos permanent, the ink is basically stuck in the deep layers of skin (dermis layer) which at the very beginning is repelled by our body but due to high dosage, its retained in the body.
This ink pigmentation becomes a part of skin pattern. The objective usually is to get rid of the permanent ink marks from any body part and also remove any traces of that ink in the skin cells.

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Tattoo Removal in Gurgaon

“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course of laser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

Benefits of Tattoo Removal

With the modern methods of treatment, we can help you achieve this goal effectively. Dr. B K Garg is a specialized and trusted cosmetic surgeon who has treated lots of patients in the past twenty years. He works with a dedicated, experienced, well-equipped team to make the treatment go safely, smoothly and quickly.
You will find significant improvement in skin condition in a few sessions. It has to be kept in mind that after each session the immune system will do its work naturally and after the wound is healed up, the next session can be fixed.
This way is efficient and fast as some tattoos can be removed completely within two to three sessions and you can get an all-new clear skin. The procedure is safe as it doesn’t harm the skin in any way. Our patients are very satisfied with the results.
Laser treatments result in clear skin without any scars. It takes only a few days for the healing process. No part of the skin is cut or burnt in this process.

Tattoo Removal in Gurgaon

Tattoo Removal Methods

• Using Q Switch NdYag for tattoo removal
One of the finest, effective and less complicated ways to get rid of unwanted tattoos from your body is to use the Q Switch NdYag laser technique. This method has been popular for a few decades now and is highly recommended by doctors and patients who have undergone tattoo removal surgery.
This procedure is handled by experts under the guidance of Dr. B K Garg and has proved to be of satisfaction to the patient. Basically, we need to remove the pigmented skin cells stuck in the deep layers of skin and get new fresh regenerated ones in replacement.
To put it simply a beam of concentrated light of a particularly needed wavelength is focussed on the needed skin part. This helps the body to break the ink pigmentation in small pieces which in part is cleared away naturally by our immune system.

• Using Advanced Cosmetic Surgery
This method works by removing the skin layer by layer until all the affected skin portions are removed. This method is more painful as compared to laser surgery and it also takes a number of days to heal up.
A local anesthetic is used during this procedure. This is the best method to remove small tattoos and the laser treatment is suggested for big tattoos.

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Cost of Tattoo Removal

Depending on the color, pattern, size and body part it might take a few sessions to completely remove the tattoo and this factor will affect the overall cost. The prices will also vary based on the types of ink used for pigmentation as some inks are easy to break down but some are tough ones, which might need repetitive sessions.
Before the first session, your skin will be analyzed and you will get full assumption regarding the time and money that has to be spent. Our services are available to our patients at a comparatively lower price when compared to the other clinics with world-class facilities, latest equipment, and a team of experts like ours.
Our patients claim the prices to be very affordable. We take care of the patient’s priority and work accordingly with the time period the method and the price package he is comfortable with.


“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course of laser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

- Anisha Garg
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best plastic surgeon in gurgaon best plastic surgeon in gurgaon