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Vitiligo Vitiligo

Vitiligo Treatment for White Scar Treatment

Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which patched of white skin appears on face/ hands and other body parts. This problem is caused because of the destruction of skin cells which give the skin a characteristic color.
Sometimes the immune system specifically attacks those cells and the cells aren’t able to generate. This causes skin discoloration. It is not much visible for white-skinned people but for people with olive/brown/black skin it really stands out.
Vitiligo can create some spots and even complete damage to the skin. It can be cured by ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, The most popular is phototherapy for curing vitiligo.

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“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course of laser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

The procedure of Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo treatment depends on various factors like whether the discoloration is increasing, the location and surface area of the patch. Accordingly, different medicines and treatments are prescribed. If you’re suffering from this issue you need to make some lifestyle changes for a better immune system.
• Cream to control vitiligo: This cream if taken in the early stages can reduce inflammation. This can even make your lost skin tone even and better.
• Photochemotherapy: This method actually tries to activate the color pigment cells of the skin so that the cells can produce pigment and give the skin color. Depending on skin and vitiligo areas, the dose of medicine is controlled. This therapy requires a number of sessions and each session will last maximum up to a minute.
• Medication for improving immune system: There are few ointments that can be used along with UVB treatment for repairing the affected skin area. This treatment is mostly used for small patches on the face/neck. Not suitable for big surgeries.
• Skin grafting: THe doctor can replace the skin of the infected area with the skin of some other body part which is healthy. This won’t leave any scars. This procedure is preferred for small patches.


Who is the right candidate for Vitiligo Treatment?

The skin starts losing its color due to a number of factors. This might be hereditary or due to diet/ immune system issues. The patch pattern may be different for different people. For some people, it is only on a part of the body and for some people, it is on the full body. So following are the people who can get this treatment done:
● Your Skin is having white patches or discoloration (face/hands/ any body part )
● Your skin discoloration is caused due to a bad immune system or improper diet
● Skin discoloration due to hormonal changes caused because of emotional stress.

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Cost of Vitiligo Treatment

The cost of the entire procedure depends on a few factors such as the pattern of discoloration, the affected part of the body, surface area, and the cause of the issue. The overall cost also depends on the medication and the number of treatment sessions required. Dr. B K Garg performs a complete analysis of the problem and gives the most efficient and feasible treatment possible.

What results to expect after Vitiligo Treatment

You can expect yourself to be free of Vitiligo for the long term. Get the healthy and smooth even colored skin you had before this issue. This enhances your appearance and gives a boost to your confidence.

Side effects of Vitiligo Treatment

If a few cases like skin grafting pain might be there but you will be given proper medicines for that. Few drugs might cause itching or other discomfort. You must follow proper medications and you will be fine.


“I’ve been visiting Iconique for over a year now for a course oflaser hair removal and facials, staff are always warm and welcoming, Dr. Garg was fantastic at talking through the treatments and answering all of my questions.”

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