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Your First Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

Hair Wash After Hair Transplant
Dr Bk Garg: 24 November 2020

A hair transplant is a surgical treatment done to correct hair loss issues. It is a safe and effective treatment for different kinds of hair loss problems such as male pattern baldness. The process involves transferring hair grafts from the donor area (typically from the back of the head) to the bald spot using either FUT or FUE technique. Post-treatment, you need to take extra care so that the transplanted grafts stay in place and results are successful.

What is the importance of the hair wash and how it affects my hair transplant results?

Your first hair wash plays an influential role in maintaining the quality of your hair transplant results. The newly transplanted follicles are in a delicate stage during the first one or two weeks and require proper care. Your hair doctor will recommend a special shampoo and moisturizing product for the initial days. This will minimize the risk of dislodging or any other damage to the newly transplanted hair. Remember, the result of your hair transplant depends on the post-surgery care instructions given by your hair doctor to minimize the risk.

Let us learn about tips to follow during your first wash after the treatment.

After your hair transplant in Gurgaon, you are required to wait for 48 hours before washing your hair. During this period, you may take a bath but wear a shower cap and do not wet your hair.
After 48 hours, first, apply moisturizer on your scalp and do not massage. Ensure that a layer of lotion is applied to the scalp area. Your doctor will give you instructions about how long you are required to keep the products on the scalp (around 20-30 minutes). Now wash the product with warm water thoroughly, and then apply mild shampoo given by your doctor. You may gently massage without disturbing the new graft and then rinse the shampoo with warm water.
Do not rub your scalp harshly and avoid taking showers, as direct spray may damage the newly transplanted follicles. You may use a mug or cup for washing hair. Ensure that your head and scalp are clean and free of any lotion or shampoo.
For drying your hair do not use a hairdryer or rub your scalp with a towel. This may cause dislodging of your newly grafted hair follicles, creating bald spots. Also, avoid using tissue as they may stick to your wet hair. You can use soft cloths to dry your hair thoroughly.

Use of Mild shampoo after hair transplant

Using mild shampoo will help clean your scalp and at the same time, it will not damage your follicles. Post-surgery, your scalp will be sensitive and mild shampoo will not cause any irritation to the treated part.

Washing hair during initial days

Most doctors suggest a simple method of shampooing for the first week. Take a few drops of shampoo and dissolve it in a cup of water. Use the diluted solution for cleaning your scalp. Apply it gently on follicles and rinse with warm water. Also, avoid taking very hot water showers for a few days. Allow your hair to dry naturally and do not rub it with a towel.
After one week, you can apply the shampoo directly to the scalp. By this time, the incisions are healed, and you can apply gentle pressure to ensure that the scalp is clean.
During this phase, you may notice scabs formed on your scalp. Do not pick these scabs and let them fall on their own as it may increase the risk of further complications.
By the end of 10 days, you can start messaging your scalp gently to improve the healing process.
Follow all the instructions carefully, and your newly transplanted hair will grow healthy and robust, giving you the desired natural look you wanted to achieve.

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