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When is it too early to get a hair transplant?

Hair Transplant
Dr Bk Garg: 24 November 2020


More than 50% of people, men, and women start to experience hair loss at some point in their life. The causes of hair loss differ for each individual; they range from external factors like pollution to genetic reasons. Experiencing hair loss or receding hairline at 20 can be stressful, and it is important to understand whether a hair transplant is a right option for you.


Hair loss in the 20s can affect one’s self-esteem and one may even lose most of the hair by 30. Many people start losing hair as early as 20 due to the condition known as male pattern baldness.
Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition, more common in men, which can cause hair loss as early as in teens. Many clinics will not advise you to undergo hair transplants under 25, as most of the doctors believe that 25 is too early to get a hair transplant.
This is because it is a good idea to wait till your hairline is matured and drastic hair loss is over. Also, by the time you're 30, the hair doctor will be able to identify the pattern of your hair loss and suggest a suitable method.
However, rare cases such as severe hair loss caused by trauma require treatment even in the early ’20s. The surgical hair restoration might be beneficial in such cases, or for other types of male pattern baldness. It is best to consult a hair specialist to assess your situation and recommend a suitable option.


Your hair loss pattern and your age are two deciding factors for determining your suitability for a hair transplant procedure. If you are experiencing extreme hair loss in your 20’s; there is some chance post hair transplant that you will continue to lose your natural hair while the transplanted hair will continue to grow. Thus, it is crucial to identify the best period to get the treatment done for lasting results.
The result of the hair transplant procedure largely depends upon the richness, density, and size of the donor’s hair along with the skills of the hair specialist. The donor’s hairs are distributed to the balding spot in a way to achieve the best results. It is important to discuss your expectations from the surgeon and keep it real. For younger patients, the hair doctors will focus on equal distribution of hair to avoid thinning of hair.

The Cost

The cost of a hair transplant depends upon the following factors:

  • Type of technique used: FUT is slightly cheaper than the FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure. Also, a more advanced and precise robotic technique is available in many clinics to achieve perfect results. The technique is costlier than any other traditional method.
  • A number of grafts required: Many clinics charge according to the number of hair grafts transplanted during the entire treatment.
  • Stage of hair loss or male pattern baldness or the area of baldness
  • Expectations of patient
  • Choice of hair transplant clinic
  • The reputation of the hair transplant clinic

All the above factors need to be taken into consideration for calculating the cost of the hair transplant. In a few cases, a repeat procedure or corrective procedure is also required if the first surgery fails to produce the required outcomes.
Overall the cost of the treatment varies between 30,000 rupees to 3 lakh rupees.

Recovery Time

While there is no downtime after the hair loss treatment, you may require to take a few precautions to maintain the results. The procedure is typically done by either FUT (strip method) or FUE (minimal scarring) technique, depending upon the preference of the surgeon and type of hair loss. The FUT method requires a comparatively longer period to recover, around a week or two; while FUE is no scarring method and requires only 3-4 days to recover.

Time of Year

The success of the treatment depends upon many factors including the aftercare precautions taken by the patient. This includes avoiding direct sunlight as well as swimming. Thus, one can avoid getting a hair transplant done in the summer season.
Also, one needs to keep their new hair dry and away from heavy rain. Overall, winter is the best season to choose hair transplantation surgery.
Post-surgery, you can get back to your routine work almost immediately but may need to take a few days off. Talk to your hair transplant specialist and plan your procedure accordingly.

Time to Get Started

The success of hair transplants relies on the availability and type of donor’s hair. Once your rapid hair loss period is over (mostly in the ’30s), the hair doctor can effectively plan the equal distribution of your donor’s hair. According to your hair loss pattern and natural hair density, a perfect hair transplant will be planned. Even if you are in the ’20s, you may get the best advice from a renowned hair transplant surgeon and plan how your hair loss can be well treated.

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