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11 Key Benefits of Laser Toning

benefits of laser toning
Dr Bk Garg : 10 February 2021

640 million people worldwide suffer from acne, while melasma affects around 25% of women across the world. Many individuals experience an early onset of premature skin issues because of ignorance about their skin type and the use of correct products.

Laser toning is an advanced cosmetic procedure that triggers collagen production and reduces the prominence of wrinkles and fine lines. If you are here, wondering about the benefits of laser toning, this article answers all your questions.

1. What is Laser Toning Treatment? What Does it Treat?

Laser Toning is a cosmetic procedure involving Q-switched lasers that use the genesis mode to trigger the skin to promote collagen production. It restructures the skin’s collagen model to prevent the early signs of aging and tightens the skin’s pores.

The laser toning procedure directly targets the melanocytes via the subcellular selective photo thermolysis process to reduce hyperpigmentation on the skin.

2. Key Benefits of Laser Toning Treatment

From improving your skin texture and appearance to promoting collagen production, laser toning treatment benefits are quite diverse.

Here are a few of the most common ones.

  • Promotes collagen production
    One of the primary reasons behind the worsening of skin conditions is subdued collagen production. The high-energy beams used in the laser toning targets the skin eliciting, a natural response that triggers the regenerative production of collagen under the skin. This holds for elastin and melanin in the skin too. Collagen is the primary protein that serves as a building block for the skin. Having optimal levels of collagen is essential in retaining your youthful look and natural radiance on the skin.
  • Gets rid of blemishes
    If you have struggled with acne and breakouts at one point and have remnant scarring all over your skin, laser toning can effectively get rid of those blemishes over time. The Q-switched laser beams directly target the blemished-filled area on the skin, letting these high-energy beams penetrate the deeper folds to eliminate the scarring.
    The procedure emanates “heat” via the laser beams that fade the dark marks, and destroy the skin layers.
  • Non-Surgical Skin Lift
    For patients who aren’t in favour of cosmetic surgical procedures for face lifting or contouring, laser toning is a fantastic alternative. This treatment is perfect for diminishing the early signs of ageing, including sagging skin around the neck or face.
    If you want to undergo a significant facelift without surgery because of a chronic medical condition, this approach is a lot more effective and safe. It is also used for treating sagging skin issues in other parts of the body for a more firm and contoured body shape.
  • Promotes faster healing
    The key benefit of laser toning is the enhanced production of collagen underneath the skin. Since collagen is the most predominant protein in the body, it has promising impacts on skin healing. Undergoing laser toning improves the skin’s ability to heal itself faster.
    Collagen accumulates the fibroblasts and further prompts the deposition of more collagen around the wound to stimulate tissue growth and faster healing.
  • Prevents early signs of aging
    If you are used to applying random skincare products on your skin without accurately knowing about your skin type and texture, it is time you stop and rethink your decisions. Switching to laser toning has promising benefits in restoring the firmness of your skin by stimulating collagen production.
    It targets the appearance of face wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines by visibly reducing their appearance over time. The improved collagen levels underneath the skin restore the lost elasticity, reducing the signs of aging on the skin.
  • Safe and Non-Invasive
    Laser toning is an extremely safe and painless procedure that only makes you feel a slight tingling or heated sensation in the treatment area. It is also a non-ablative treatment, which means that it doesn’t affect or damage your skin.
    It is a rapid procedure that doesn’t involve the risks of inflammation or permanent bruising. For the best results, the cosmetologist might suggest undergoing 5-6 sessions of laser toning. Some patients do witness mild redness on the treated area, but it gets resolved within a few hours. So, it doesn’t affect your day to day activities.
  • Stimulate Blood vessels contraction
    One of the key markers behind the skin issues is improper blood circulation to the skin. Laser toning restores the blood vessels’ normal contraction, vital functions, preventing the signs of aging and other skin issues.
    Laser toning, paired with laser skin brightening, helps restore the natural brightness and radiance on the skin that you may lose because of the constant exposure to pollutants and other environmental factors.
  • Promotes Even Tone skin
    Acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and tanning are a few of the common reasons behind uneven skin tone. The laser toning procedure penetrates into the deeper layers of skin and helps fade these marks leaving an even skin tone.
  • Rejuvenates Skin
    If you are tired of using the same kinds of skincare products, laser toning helps rejuvenate the skin and leaves you looking more vibrant and youthful. The procedure also leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, inducing a youthful glow that you have missed all this while.
    It is a fantastic procedure for individuals struggling with their self-confidence because of an uneven skin tone and dull and dry looking skin.
  • Restores the Natural glow
    With the effective rejuvenation of the skin, laser toning also restores the lost glow and radiance on your skin. All of the benefits of heightened collagen production, fewer imperfections, and firmer skin tone help restore the youthful glow in the skin.
    These also sharpen the contours of the face and leaves you looking bright and radiant all along.
  • Long-lasting results
    Even though a patient does need under 4-6 sessions of laser toning to see the perfect results, the impact of this treatment is long-lasting. Some patients witness the firmness and youthful-looking skin for years after the treatment.
    Undergoing multiple sessions is enough to give you a tauter and radiant looking skin for years without needing to opt for any other cosmetic procedures.

3. Am I a Suitable Candidate for Laser Toning?

You are an ideal candidate for laser toning if you struggle with the following conditions:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age or sun spots
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Tanned skin
  • Open pores
  • Dull and dry skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

If you struggle with any form of chronic disease that prevents you from undergoing surgical procedures, this non-invasive cosmetic treatment is highly effective in reversing all the skin issues that you are likely struggling with.

4. How often Should I Undergo Laser Toning?

If you thought that laser toning is a one-time treatment, you are mistaken. It requires a minimum of 4-6 sessions for optimal results. Since the results are permanent, you need to consult a certified and experienced cosmetologist for the treatment.

Each session is typically spaced out by a month or two months, depending on the skin’s healing capabilities.

5. Is Laser toning safe?

Yes, laser toning is an entirely safe and non-invasive procedure. Generally, the patients tend to experience mild discomfort and sensation of heat around the treated area. It is also a non-ablative treatment, which means that it wouldn’t affect or damage your skin.

6. Is laser toning permanent?

Laser toning treatment, unlike the other cosmetic treatment options, is permanent. But, the permanent changes to your skin aren’t noticeable after the first session. The patient does need to undergo at least 3-5 sessions to witness the reduced blemishes and pigmentation. Especially for scarring, it does take multiple sessions to impose effective results.

7. Side effects of laser toning

Since laser toning or laser resurfacing is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure, there are no severe or permanent complications.

Some of the common side effects of laser toning include:

  • Mild redness and swelling
  • Temporary scarring on the skin
  • Rebound of melasma
  • Mild pain during the procedure

All of these side effects are reversible and temporary. If done by an experienced and skillful cosmetologist, you wouldn’t have to worry about the side effects.

8. Pre and Post Treatment Care

If you plan to undergo laser toning, there are a few critical pre and post-treatment care that you need to keep a check on.

Pre-treatment: there are no strict instructions for pre-treatment care of laser toning. Just avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight before the treatment.

Post-treatment: the after-care instructions are generally prescribed by the cosmetologist and typically include applying an antibiotic ointment on the site of the treatment. Any other accessory care instructions are subjective to the patient’s condition.

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