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CoolSculpting Vs. Liposuction: Which Is Better?

Liposuction Treatment
Dr Bk Garg: 18 August 2020

Both Liposuction Treatment and CoolSculpting are used in the process of fat reduction. Both of these methods can permanently get rid of your body fat from target regions. Iconique by Dr. BK Garg can provide you with the best fat removal treatment experience with assured results. Here's everything you need to know about CoolSculpting Vs. Liposuction treatment to understand which is better for you.


Although both Liposuction treatment and CoolSculpting refer to medical techniques that help in reducing fat, there are certain key differences existing between the two methods.

The following sections will be dealing with all the differences in various aspects of the 2 treatment processes.


It is a non-invasive medical procedure. It usually involves minor side effects. You might go through short-term skin sensitivity or even bruising following this process. The side effects of this treatment generally get resolved on their own within a few weeks.

It is an invasive surgical process that has to be performed with anesthesia. The side effects of this method might include adverse reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, or other major complications. You must avoid this treatment method if you are suffering from blood clotting issues or heart diseases or if you are a pregnant woman.


It is carried out as an outpatient process. Every session generally takes about one hour and you might require a few sessions with intervals of a couple of weeks in between.

You are expected to start to notice the results following a few weeks post-treatment.

Liposuction treatment can often be carried out as an outpatient surgical procedure. This surgery needs about 1 to 2 hours in all. You may require several days to recover. In this treatment, patients typically require only one session.

The complete results of this method might not be prominent for a few months following your treatment.


It can rid you of up to around 25% of all the fat cells present in any particular part of your body.

You might be able to eliminate up to about 11 pounds (or 5 liters) of your body fat with the help of this method. Eliminating more than that amount of fat is normally not regarded as safe.

A study saw that a year following Liposuction, the participants of the research possessed the same quantity of body fat than they had before the process. The fat only got redistributed to various areas of their bodies.

Both CoolSculpting and Liposuction treatment are capable of the permanent destruction of the fat cells in the treated regions of the body. However, you might still develop fat later on in other parts of the body.

Side effects

CoolSculpting side effects
Since it is a non-surgical method, it naturally has no surgical risks. However, this treatment process includes certain side effects for you to consider before going for it.

The common side effects associated with this process are given as follows:

  • A tugging feeling at the treated site
  • Stinging, pain or aching
  • Temporary swelling, skin sensitivity, redness and bruising

Rare but critical side effects related to this treatment may include paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. It is an extremely rare problem that results in expansion rather than elimination of your fat cells as a result of treatment. This issue more commonly takes place in men than on women.

Liposuction Treatment side effects
As it is a surgical process, it is obviously riskier than the CoolSculpting method. The common side effects related to this surgery are listed as follows:

  • Unevenness in your skin shapes such as divots or lumps
  • Skin discoloration
  • Accumulation of fluid which might require to be drained
  • Permanent or temporary numbness
  • Skin infection
  • Internal puncture wounds

Rare but potential side effects of this procedure may include the following:

  • Fat embolism (a medical condition which releases a fat clot to your brain, lungs or the bloodstream)
  • Problems of the heart or kidney caused due to alterations in body fluid levels during the process
  • Complications associated with anesthesia if it is administered


CoolSculpting procedure
It involves a non-invasive treatment process which is also known as cryolipolysis. It helps in removing your extra fat cells from beneath the skin without the need for surgery.

During the treatment session, a plastic surgeon or any other physician who’s trained in the procedure would use a special tool for clamping down and cooling a roll of fat to freezing temperature.

In the weeks following your treatment, the body automatically gets rid of the frozen, dead fat cells through the liver. You must start to observe the results within a few weeks of the procedure. The final results are visible after a few months.

CoolSculpting, being a non-surgical treatment, involves no anesthesia, stitches, cuts, or even recovery time. So, this method is absolutely safe to opt for eliminating your body fat.

Liposuction procedure
On the other hand, it involves an invasive surgical process which includes anesthetizing, cutting, and stitching. The surgical team might use general anesthesia or local anesthesia (like lidocaine) to sedate you.

A plastic surgeon would first create a tiny incision. After that, he would use a long, narrow suction tool (known as a cannula) for vacuuming fat out of a particular site of your body.

Since this is a surgical procedure, some recovery time is naturally involved.


CoolSculpting duration
This procedure needs no recovery time, as already mentioned in the previous section. A session needs about one hour only. You would require a couple of sessions several weeks apart for achieving the best effects, though you are expected to begin seeing the initial effects right after a few weeks from the first session.

Most of the patients notice the full results about 3 months following their last procedure.

Liposuction Treatment duration
Most patients only require to receive one Liposuction method for seeing the results. The surgery needs around 1 to 2 hours, as per the extent of the treated area. It is generally carried out as an outpatient method, which means that you are expected to return home the same day you have treatment.

The recovery time involved in this procedure is generally a few days. You must always follow your health provider’s directions to recover well, which might include restricting certain activities, wearing a special bandage, etc.

You might have to wait for about two to four weeks before safely resuming your strenuous activities. It might take many months for the complete results to be visible as your swelling goes down.


The results of both Liposuction Treatment and CoolSculpting are quite similar. Both methods are used in the permanent elimination of excess fat from particular body parts such as chin, arms, thighs, belly, etc., although neither of the processes is meant for a reduction in your body weight.

In fact, results received from a 2012 study revealed that 1 year after having Liposuction treatment, the participants possessed the same quantity of body fat than they had before receiving the treatment. the body fat only got stored in other regions of their bodies.

Both processes have comparable effectiveness when it comes to getting rid of body fat. Neither of the treatment procedures can promote the appearance of your loose skin or cellulite.

CoolSculpting results
According to a 2009 research, this treatment method is able to freeze and remove up to about 25% of the fat cells in any specific part of an individual’s body. you can typically visualize the results as 1-3 inches within 1 to 3 months after your treatment.

Liposuction results
During an initial couple of weeks after Liposuction treatment, the patients who have had the surgery would go through swelling. It implies that results are not prominent right away. However, you can usually see the final effects within 1 to 3 months following your surgery.


Are you a good candidate for CoolSculpting?
This treatment process is safe for most people. However, the ones who have blood diseases paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, cold agglutinin disorder or cryoglobulinemia, must try to avoid this procedure since it can trigger critical complications to them.

Are you a good candidate for Liposuction?
Both women and men can promote the appearance of their body with the help of this process.

Patients of blood clotting problems or heart disorders and pregnant women must try to avoid this method since it can cause potential complications to them.


Both Liposuction and CoolSculpting are cosmetic processes. It implies that they are unlikely to be covered by your insurance plans. Therefore, you will most probably have to pay out of your pocket.

Cost of CoolSculpting
The cost of this procedure differs according to which body parts and how many of them you have decided to have treated for fat removal.

CoolSculpting cost in Gurgaon can typically begin at 4,000 INR per session.

Cost of Liposuction
Since it is a surgery, the procedure can at times be quite more expensive than CoolSculpting. The cost of Liposuction starts from around 46,500 INR.

The overall cost of both the treatment processes can differ based on the following important cost factors that you need to keep in mind before visiting a clinic to receive any of these fat removal procedures:

  • The number of inches you need to lose
    Based on the extent of your body area being treated and the number of inches of fat you want to remove in that specific area, the treatment cost will differ. Therefore, if you require to lose more inches, the treatment cost will also keep getting higher. Your skin type also contributes to this case as another related cost factor. If your skin type is such that it requires more extensive treatment (such as more penetration into the fat layers), then this will also raise the treatment cost.
  • The reputation of the clinic
    The reputation of the clinic where you are visiting to get your treatment as well as the reputation of the specialist who is going to carry out the treatment, matter a lot. Greater the reputation of the expert and/or the clinic, naturally higher will be his/her fees and the charges of the particular clinic. This will again raise the cost of your treatment, irrespective of whichever procedure you opt for.
  • Charges of anesthesia
    Charges of anesthesia must be considered by you if you are going to get yourself a Liposuction procedure. Since Liposuction is a surgical treatment that requires to provide anesthesia to the patient, hence charges of anesthesia will be added to the overall treatment cost. This again increases the total cost of your Liposuction surgery.
  • The number of treatment sessions needed
    Depending on the number of fat cells or the depth of fat layers you need to get rid of in a certain part of your body, the doctor will decide and suggest how many more treatment sessions you require. If you need to go through more sessions to attain full results and/or to maintain those results, then you would surely have to undergo further sessions in the future. This will again raise the total treatment cost to be incurred over time.
  • Insurance coverage
    Like many other treatment costs, the cost of these treatment procedures also depends on the fact that whether it is covered by the providers of your insurance. However, since both of them are cosmetic processes, therefore they are the least likely to get insurance coverage. In spite of that, if you are somehow able to secure insurance coverage for any of these fat removal treatments, then the total cost of the treatment will go down. A reputed specialist can often help you out in securing insurance coverage in the concerned treatment method. This would also save the total treatment charges that you have to incur in the long run if you have to undergo more than one treatment session.


Being a candidate for CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction differs. So does the invasiveness and therefore the cost and recovery time of these procedures. After going through all these aspects, consult the doctor to help you choose the right method specifically for you.

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