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5 Facts About Breasts Augmentation

facts about breast Augmentation
Dr Bk Garg: 14 July 2021

Breast augmentation is very popular among women above 30 years of age. After childbirth or attainment of a certain age, many women tend to lose the beauty of their breasts. The breast becomes saggy after losing its volume. Breast Augmentation is better known as Boob Job, however, Doctors may call it augmentation mammoplasty. 

For certain ladies, breast augmentation surgery is an approach to feel more pleasant. For other people, it is essential for different conditions. The breast augmentation cost may vary from surgeon to surgeon based upon the skill and experience of the surgeon.

If you wish to get a breast augmentation, it is essential to know all the possible facts before the surgery. These breast augmentation facts will help you schedule an appointment with complete awareness about the procedure. Here are listed five facts to acknowledge you about Breast augmentation.

Usually, Breast Augmentation is done on outpatients

In breast augmentation surgery, implanting or transferring of fats is done from other parts of the body. The implantation procedure helps to attain the desired volume of the breast. Normally, breast augmentation surgery is done on outpatients with general anaesthesia to suppress the pain of the procedure. That means, in the majority of breast augmentation procedures, women can go back or get discharged from the clinic, a few hours after the surgery. However, in some cases, the Doctor may inject full anaesthesia to perform the breast augmentation. It is the discretion of the surgeon, considering the health condition of the patient. Generally, after the surgery, the doctor will discharge the patient with some oral medication for post-surgery pain or swelling. After a few week's rest, the patient can return to normal routine life. 

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The process may leave minimal scarring

Now, it is a vital matter of concern in the majority of women that being a surgical procedure, breast augmentation will leave behind a lifelong scar. Although post-breast augmentation, women may have some sort of tenderness in the treated area, these after-effects shall fade away with time. Some women may also feel minor pain in the inserted section. The doctor shall recommend oral medication to subside the pain. The sensitivity is temporary and evades with post-surgery care. 

The after-surgery scar depends on the type of implant a woman undergoes. In silicon implants, the incision size is predetermined. The cut is made large enough to insert the fats. In Saline implants, the size inflates after the implantation is done. That's why in Saline breast augmentation, the size of the scar is minimal. However, in both cases, the scars evade away with time. 

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Undergoing a breast augmentation is the personal choice of the candidate

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that is completely the discretion of the candidate to undergo. Many women face a lack of confidence due to saggy or deflated boobs. In certain cases, the breast gets injured due to an accident or mishap. To get rid of asymmetrical breasts, women may want to rejuvenate their breasts. Nevertheless, there is no medical need to have breast augmentation. It is the choice and wish of the patient to get a boob job. However, experts recommend that before undergoing a breast augmentation, women should take advice from their doctors. It is essential to consult the surgeons before the procedure. The doctors might want to eliminate or control any condition before a breast augmentation surgery. However, there is a criterion to be an ideal candidate for breast augmentation. 

Women with good and fully developed breasts can undergo breast augmentation surgery. Some women with small or under-developed breasts can also opt for the implantation procedure. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not have breast augmentation. The doctor will monitor your condition and recommend the best option for you.

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Breast augmentation surgery rejuvenates your breasts and their beauty

Breast augmentation surgery has proved to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the past few years. The procedure not only increases the breast size but also rejuvenates their lost beauty. Breast augmentation surgery adds volume to the breast and imparts a brand new symmetry. With age, women tend to lose their breast curves. The breast augmentation procedure retains the lost volume and curve of your breasts. Cosmetic surgery has revived the lost confidence, so does breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation triggers self-confidence in women by making them feel young and comfortable again. 

Women with injured or asymmetrical breasts can get back the evenly balanced breasts with breast augmentation surgery. Post-Partum, due to breastfeeding, women may have saggy and loose breasts. This cosmetic procedure helps women revive their breast beauty after the surgery. Breast augmentation surgery can restore the lost firmness of your breasts. Breast Cancer has caused physical and mental trauma to many. In cancer survivor women, after recovery, they can have breast augmentation surgery to restore breasts and self-confidence. 

Breast Augmentation cost depends on multiple factors

The breast augmentation cost is subjective and varies from clinic to clinic. There are various factors on which breast augmentation cost depends. Top clinics in India cater to breast augmentation, and their service varies from one another. The surgeon with skilled expertise and years of experience may charge you more. The type of implants can also affect the breast augmentation cost. Other factors like the surgical and medical facilities of the clinic can influence the total charge. Sometimes as per your need, the doctor may want to run some tests. Depending on your condition, the number and type of tests add to the budget of breast augmentation. You can consult your doctors to learn about the package and procedure. 


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