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Unfolding the Myths about a Tummy Tuck: What They Don’t Tell You

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Dr Bk Garg: 07 April 2020

Tummy tuck surgery is a cosmetic surgery as it is aimed at improving your appearance and not treating any medical condition. A tummy tuck can remove excess skin and fat and can tighten weak fascia. It can also remove stretch marks in the lower abdomen below the belly button. A tummy tuck can be carried out in combination with other body contouring cosmetic procedures. But this surgery is not for everyone. Also, there are many risks and complications associated with it. You will read about the complications and the risks of this type of surgery in the later paragraphs. However, you need to consult a doctor before you decide to go for this surgery. This surgery can give you a more toned abdomen and a slimmer appearance. Studies show that around 4% of people suffer from complications when undergoing a tummy tuck. Also, the risk of major complications was higher in men who were aged 55 and older. The average complication rate in other cosmetic surgeries is about 1.4%. However, the results of tummy tuck surgery are usually long-lasting given you maintain a stable weight. If you are looking to undergo tummy tuck surgery then you can learn about this surgery in this article. You will learn about what to expect before and after the surgery; various myths; things to consider before surgery, etc.

Table of Contents:

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  1. Introduction: What is Tummy Tuck? Why should you consider Tummy Tuck?
  2. What are some popular myths about Tummy Tuck?
  3. How to know you are the right candidate for Tummy Tuck?
  4. Significant facts you must know: Do's and Don'ts after Tummy Tuck Surgery
  5. Let's talk about the complexities and side effects of Tummy Tuck surgery
  6. What is the Expected Recovery timeline for Tummy Tuck?
  7. What is the average cost for a Tummy Tuck? How to evaluate the best surgeon for Tummy Tuck?

1. Introduction: What is Tummy Tuck? Why should you consider Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck procedure, medically known as abdominoplasty refers to a cosmetic procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of the abdomen. The procedure aims to sculpt the waistline and smooth the stomach. Abdominoplasty eliminates excess fat deposits and skin from the middle and lower portion of the abdomen to tighten the loose muscles to attain a smooth and firm abdomen. The procedure creates a flat and toned appearance of the abdomen.

The surgery not only offers cosmetic benefits but also has physical benefits. This aesthetic procedure restores weak abdominal muscles creating a toned and lean abdomen. It offers easier weight loss maintenance and management along with better posture and improved abdominal tone. Besides, problems of hernia and urinary incontinence can be resolved with tummy tucking.

2. What are some popular myths about Tummy Tuck?

The most common misconception regarding tummy tuck is that people take it as a weight loss or bariatric procedure. However, the reality is that an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is someone who is active, healthy and owns a normal weight. But, intends to improve the appearance of the abdomen by removing the unwanted loose skin on the stomach. Another myth among people is that if you get a tummy tuck you will need to undergo liposuction as well. This is not always true however, in some cases, liposuction technique may be applied to decrease the fat deposits that thereby, could not be removed by diet and exercise. Liposuction and abdominoplasty can be combined to remove stubborn fat cells from the abdominal region and tighten the skin without losing elasticity.

According to statistics, in 2018, abdominoplasty was the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery among women. The tummy tuck is mainly included in mommy makeover procedures which women usually undergo after pregnancy and childbirth. Though tummy tucks are most popular in women who aspire to restore their pre-baby body and have a toned stomach. But, this does not mean that tummy tucks are just for women, not men. A healthy person of any age group may opt for a tummy tuck to get stubborn fat deposits removed and reveal perfect abs. Researchers claim that in 2012, around 4000 men underwent tummy tuck cosmetic surgery.

3. How to know you are the right candidate for Tummy Tuck?

Like most people, you may wish to have an ideal figure with a flat and toned stomach as well as a perfect set of abs. Though, following a healthy diet plan and exercising regularly may not fetch your desired results. Tummy tuck surgery can help you attain a sleek figure. The procedure can be opted by a healthy person of any age group and one who has realistic expectations from the surgery.

In general, an ideal candidate for abdominoplasty is:

  • Any person who has overall good health and does not have any serious medical problems such as heart disease.
  • A person with excess fat deposits and loose skin around the belly button area.
  • A person who has a weak lower abdominal wall
  • A non-smoking person
  • A woman who has had children and has extra weight around the waist.
  • A woman who is not planning to become pregnant anymore and has an increased amount of skin laxity from the belly button down to the suprapubic region.
  • A woman who has undergone C-section and has retracted scars around the abdomen.
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4. Significant Facts you must know: Do’s and Don’ts after Tummy Tuck Surgery

Once you have undergone tummy tuck cosmetic surgery, certain points should be kept in mind.

  • Follow your doctor’s advice:
  • Make sure you follow your cosmetic surgeon's instructions religiously. Your surgeon will provide postoperative guidance to maximize comfort and encourage a speedy recovery. Generally, instructions may include taking a regular dosage of medications and antibiotics to keep pain and infection under control. You may be advised to wear support garments to reduce swelling and help your body to adapt to its new shape.

  • Avoid exertion after the surgery:
  • Post-surgery it is advisable to stay at home and relax at least a few days. You may go for short walks for the first few days. Also, you may experience discomfort in sitting and lying down for a few weeks due to sensitivity in abdominal muscles. Take small steps so that you do not strain yourself and seek help if needed.

  • Maintain realistic expectations:
  • Keep in mind that tummy tuck surgery won’t produce immediate results. To observe noticeable effects, it can take anywhere around three to four months post-surgery. Therefore, maintain realistic expectations and follow the surgeon's advice so that you can look forward to flaunting that bathing suits and teenagers look denim with complete revitalization and confidence.

  • Be patient with the healing process:
  • Healing after cosmetic surgery takes time. Also, a tummy tuck may leave scars. An experienced cosmetic surgeon may make incisions beneath the bikini line to make the scars least visible. During this phase, you may experience good and bad days. All you need to do is to be patient and calm to achieve long-term results.

  • Drink plenty of water and fluids. Eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain your figure.
  • Massage your tummy and abdominal region. This helps in increasing blood circulation.

5. Let’s talk about the complexities and side effects of Tummy Tuck surgery

As is the case with any surgery, you will have some pain and swelling after the surgery. The doctor might prescribe you a painkiller if he feels apt. He will also instruct you on how you can treat your pain. There may be numbness; bruising and overall tiredness and can last for several weeks or months. There are always risks associated as far as surgery is concerned. Since a tummy tuck is a surgery, there are chances of complications. The risk of complications is even more so if you have diabetes, poor circulation, heart, liver or lung disease. If you smoke, you have high chances of complications as well. The complications may include:

  • Hematoma i.s. bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Seroma i.e. accumulation of fluid
  • Poor wound healing
  • Loss of skin
  • Blood clots
  • Risks related to anesthesia
  • Numbness
  • Changes in skin color
  • Swelling on and near the treated area
  • Wound separation
  • Asymmetry i.e. unevenness or lopsidedness
  • Fat necrosis i.e. death of fatty tissue that is there deep in the skin

6. What is the Expected Recovery timeline for Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed for the past many years. It is important to understand the process of recovery and its timeline to attain considerable results. Although there is a general time frame, the recovery time varies from person to person. It depends on certain factors such as:

  • Age
  • General Health
  • Type of tummy tuck
  • Post-surgery care

Once the procedure gets completed, your surgeon can discuss a more specific timeline for the recovery depending on your condition. In normal scenarios, a patient can lead his or her routine life in around eight weeks. Also, the recovery time depends on the type of tummy tuck done. In the case of mini tuck that focuses on a small area of the abdomen, recovery is faster. On the other hand, an extensive tummy tuck involves flanks, lower back, and lower chest and so, the recovery is comparatively slow.

You will observe that immediately after surgery, your abdomen will be covered with surgical dressings and small tubes are placed around incisions to drain any fluid that builds around it. To prevent any type of clothing, you will be advised to take rest in a particular position only. Most patients are given antibiotics and anticoagulants. You may be given some medication to apply to the skin. Besides, it is advisable to avoid the consumption of alcohol or any form of nicotine for at least six weeks. Smoking can obstruct the healing process and may cause complications.

To ensure a healthy recovery, it is important to drink plenty of water to flush out body toxins and reduce swelling. Keep the diet as healthy and include many fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. If required, take a probiotic supplement. The bottom line is that tummy tuck is a slow healing process so focus on one day at a time to achieve complete recovery

7. What is the average cost for a Tummy Tuck? How to evaluate the best surgeon for Tummy Tuck?

The average cost of the abdominoplasty procedure depends on certain factors. These factors comprise of your geographical location, qualification, and several years of experience of the cosmetic surgeon. The procedure cost also includes the operative facilities used during the surgery as well as the post-operative facilities availed and the medications recommended. In India, the cost varies from region to region. It is costly in metropolitan cities.

Since a tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery it is done by a cosmetic surgeon or a plastic surgeon. But it is important to note that not all cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons conduct tummy tuck surgeries. Only a few of them specialize in tummy tuck procedures. Also, not every tummy tuck specialist will be the right one for you. You should take time in finalizing the surgeon. You can take an interview, ask questions to satisfy yourself. The idea is to be comfortable with the surgeon that will conduct the surgery. Make sure the surgeon has sufficient experience in conducting tummy tuck surgeries. Another aspect of this is the overall quality of surgical care at the hospital where your surgery will take place. The hospital or the clinic should be an accredited facility. You should go for tummy tuck surgery only when you are totally satisfied both with the surgeon as well as the hospital.

As far as satisfaction in terms of doctor and the clinic is concerned there is no better surgeon than Dr. BK Garg. He specializes in tummy tuck surgeries and has a vast experience in this field. He has successfully conducted many abdominoplasty surgeries. The results of all the surgery were very satisfactory. At BK Garg clinic, you get state of the art facility and a wonderful environment. The staff is very helpful and friendly. They are not only very supportive but are always there when you need. Tummy tuck surgery at BK Garg clinic is done in a clean and safe environment. The price of this surgery is very reasonable as well. Almost all the patients who underwent tummy tuck surgery were satisfied with the results. So if you are looking for a value for a money tummy tuck, the BK Garg clinic is the place for you. You get the best surgeon and the best facility all at an affordable price.

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