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Botulinum Injections Botulinum Injections

Botulinum Injection Treatment for Skin

In this fast-moving world with the shocking rise in pollutants in the environment the skin suffers a lot. Our skin tends to lose the charm and wrinkles start to form at an early age. It can make us appear a bit dull and fatigued.
The Botulinum cosmetic injections are used to reduce the appearances of wrinkles on the face which can make you look less tired, tensed or older. The muscles that appear to be wrinkled while frowning are simply injected with Botulinum which in turn blocks nerve impulses to those tissues.
It makes the face look smoother and makes you look younger. This treatment has been in use for the last 15 years. The patients have claimed it to be very efficient with sky-high success rates. It can give you the confidence and glow which you always craved for.

Benefits of Botulinum Injections

This procedure can certainly make improvements to facial wrinkles. Botulinum injections are very safe to use as it doesn’t harm your skin in any way. This usually works on the inner layer of the muscles and the chemicals put the deep layers in the anti-wrinkle state.
As a result, the uppermost layer looks wrinkle-free and smooth. It makes you look refreshed, radiant, and youthful in no time at all. This treatment prevents any further appearances of wrinkles giving a boost of confidence to the client.
This treatment results in clear skin without any scars. No part of the skin is cut or burnt in this process. It doesn’t have any bad reactions whatsoever. The treatment is fast and very less amount of recovery time is needed.

Botulinum Injections

How do Botulinum Injections Work (The Process)

Botulinum injections are popular and in-demand treatments for skin wrinkle line refinement in the celebrity circle. This treatment is safe but it should be performed by professionals and an appropriate dosage should be used depending on the affected area.
Under the guidance of Dr. B K Garg, a team of specialized doctors administers this chemical in required amounts to the patient’s skin. This inhibits the movement of the inner muscles in that wrinkle-prone area which gives the client a youthful look.
This procedure is painless and the patient doesn’t need to take extensive leaves for this. Once the patient gets the chemical injected, the effects on the muscles usually take place within a few hours, and the appearance is rectified with a glowing wrinkle-free skin within a week. This injection can be taken at regular intervals depending on the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

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Cost of Botulinum Injections

The cost of Botulinum injection depends on the area of the treatment and the quantity of Botulinum to be used. This can be made certain of after the first visit to the doctor and complete analysis of the treatment to be done.
The price of the treatment is affected by the skin condition, skin type of the patient. Also, this depends on where you go to get it done and the number of areas treated. Dr. B K Garg makes sure that you get yourself treated with the utmost care and that you get satisfactory outcomes.
The cost at our clinic is comparatively very affordable when compared to other clinics providing similar quality of treatments.


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best plastic surgeon in gurgaon best plastic surgeon in gurgaon