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Mommy Makeover Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Treatment - Restore your shape and apperance

Mommy Makeover is a prevalent combination of plastic surgery techniques for women post-pregnancy. The objective of the surgery is to tone up women's bodies to restore shape and appearance to attain the pre-pregnancy state. The purpose of this contouring procedure is to improve the physical changes in a female’s body that retain long after childbearing.

What procedures are included in a Mommy Makeover?

This cosmetic procedure includes the following makeovers:

• Breast Augmentation: This augmentation procedure aims to increase the size of the breasts. The breast implantation procedure is attained by fat transfer from some other body part to the breasts. It can restore the breast volume loss that occurs due to weight reduction or pregnancy. The technique can also improve the balance between breasts and hip contours enhancing self-image.
• Breast lift: This is done to get rid of those saggy and droopy breasts that affect your appearance. The surgery raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the tissues.
• Breast Reduction: To attain a uniform breast size that is in proportion with your body, the reduction is done. Excess tissues and skin are removed that surround the breasts.
• Tummy Tuck: Also known as abdominoplasty, flattens the abdomen by excess fat removal. The surgery involves tightening of muscles to help attain the taut tummy you wish for.
• Liposuction: Lipoplasty is a fat removal procedure that works on various body parts to reshape and improve body contours.

Mommy Makeover

Are you the right candidate for a mommy makeover?

One should undergo this cosmetic procedure in the following scenarios:

• You have attained a considerable weight loss after pregnancy: Before undergoing a tummy tuck or any other surgery, you need to lose weight first on by physical exercises, etc. Once you have successfully lost weight, you will be able to tighten the droopy skin around the thighs and abdomen.
• You don't wish to plan a family anymore: If you plan to have more kids in the future, it is not the correct time to undergo makeover because having children would reverse the effects of surgery.
• You had a C-section delivery: Since C-section leaves scarring around the belly, the makeover will help in the removal of those ugly marks quite easily.
• You had a delivery at least six months ago: Every woman requires at least six to seven months for post-delivery recovery. Also, breastfeeding alters the shape so it is vital to wait for a few months so that the breasts settle into a defined shape.

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Cost of Mommy Makeover Procedure

When you are opting for a mommy makeover, you are investing to improve your appearance. Various factors affect the overall cost of the entire procedure such as your choice of surgeon, the location of his practice, the surgical facilities used, the pre and post-operative costs and medications.
But you don’t need to worry as we are known for our cost-effective premium services. Our price depends on a lot of factors but you can be assured that it will be comparatively lesser than that of most premium services. We believe in providing our clients with a little more than others promise.

Results to be expected after Mommy Makeover

Although the results of the mommy makeover surgery are not long-lasting, the effects are satisfactory. Post-surgery, you'll observe that the scar lines on the belly get faded and the implants get settled. It undoubtedly brings back your self-confidence.

Side Effects of Mommy Makeover

The possible side effects associated with the cosmetic surgery may include bruising, infection, poor healing of incisions, fluid discharge near the incision site, loss of sensation in nipples, inability to breastfeed, leak from implants, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, unfavorable scars around the affected areas, recurrent saggy skin, anesthesia risks, fat necrosis. In extreme scenarios, there might be a risk of cardiac and pulmonary complications. Other than the general risks, there may be side effects specific to the individual procedures opted for surgery.


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